Solid State LiDAR Announced for Robotics

By Sarah Simpson / 14 Dec 2020
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Built using Velodyne’s proprietary micro-lidar array architecture (MLA) the Velarray M1600 provides advanced perception for autonomous robotics.

Velodyne_M1600_Lidar_SensorLeveraging Velodyne’s manufacturing partnerships for cost optimization and high-volume production, Velodyne Lidar’s Velarray M1600 is an innovative solid state lidar sensor designed to serve mobile robotic applications.

Enabling touchless mobile and last-mile delivery robots to operate autonomously and safely, without human intervention, the LiDAR sensor is the latest in a new line of Velarray products and first in the new M-series.

Anand Gopalan, Velodyne Lidar CEO said; “The Velarray M1600 lidar sensor is the latest proof point for Velodyne’s innovation track record. The sensor was designed for high volume mobile robotic applications with direct input from robotics and last-mile delivery customers. This durable and compact sensor can be deployed in a wide variety of environments and weather conditions allowing nearly 365-day, 24/7 usage. It can provide the smart, real-time perception data required by autonomous mobile robots for safe and extended operation without human intervention.”

The Velarray M1600 provides autonomous robots with outstanding near-field perception up to 30 meters and a broad 32-degree vertical field of view, allowing them to traverse unstructured and changing environments.

Designed for functional safety and durability, the Velarray M1600 supports autonomous mobile robots in a wide variety of challenging environmental conditions, including temperature, lighting and precipitation. Featuring a compact form factor, the sensor is well-suited for external mounting, but also can be easily embedded into robotics systems.

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