C-UAV range available for military, civilian and commercial security applications

By Sarah Simpson / 10 Sep 2019
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SteelRock Technologies have unveiled a full range of NightFighter C-UAV effector systems now available with a choice of modular customizable configurations designed for military, civilian and commercial security applications.

SteelRock-Technologies-NightFighter-C-UAVCurrently at the UK Capability Showcase at DSEI London, SteelRock Technologies are introducing the expanded NightFighter range which is already deployed within multiple Tier 1 security services sectors.

Designed to counter all types of incursion by rotary and fixed-wing UAVs, NightFighter systems employ highly directional RF communications inhibiting technology alongside advanced proprietary software and hardware, to ground drone threats quickly and safely.

The rugged system comprises a handheld effector with sight, linked to a compact backpack containing electronics controlled via a tablet and intuitive visual interface.

A tactical first response counter-drone effector system, the NightFighter range is:

  • Extensively tested for safe deployment in complex radio frequency (RF) environments
  • Capable of deployment in seconds
  • Designed to the highest military EMC, environmental and safety standards
  • Highly portable
  • Field proven

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“The threats posed by Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) to critical infrastructures, civilian assets and on the battlefield are well understood – and they’re growing rapidly” comments Rupert English, CEO and Founder of SteelRock Technologies. “NightFighter sets a new benchmark for performance, modularity and flexibility to meet the needs of operators who need a rapidly deployable, highly cost-effective anti-drone solution.”

NightFighter Counter UAV Technology by SteelRock TechnologiesThe NightFighter Counter UAV range includes:

  • NightFighter L (high antenna gain)
  • NightFighter S (low gain) variants have been demonstrated to be effective against UAVs at ranges in excess of 5km and 2.5km respectively.
  • NightFighter X a highly portable all-in-one solution that can be body-worn for omni-directional personal protection against drone threats. The NightFighter X can also be attached to the NightFighter antenna array for directional deployment.

SteelRock Technologies now offer C-UAV RF technology within an OEM module designed for third party integration into static land-based, hand-carried, vehicle mounted and maritime C-UAV systems.

Also on display at DSEI London this September is a pre-production demonstrator of SteelRock Technologies SR-1 Dronos UAV platform. Fitted with NightFighter X technology the SR-1 Dronos UAV is an innovative ‘drone versus drone’ aerial solution.

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