GETSAT Develops SATCOM Terminals & ESA Antennas for Unmanned Systems

By Mike Ball / 28 May 2019
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GETSAT, a leading developer of micronized, integrated satellite communication (SATCOM) solutions, has partnered with Unmanned Systems Technology (“UST”) to demonstrate their expertise in this field. The ‘Gold’ profile highlights how their products provide secure Communications-on-the-Move (COTM) capabilities to unmanned systems in any domain (aerial, maritime and ground-based), including UAVs, UGVs, USVs and UUVs.

NanoSat H SATCOM terminalNanoSAT H is GETSAT’s smallest, lightest SATCOM terminal, designed for portable “on-the-move” applications and the smallest unmanned aerial systems. The flexible micro communications system features an integrated block upconverter (BUC) and modem, and provides autonomous operation for the transmission and reception of high bandwidth data rates at more than 4 Mbps.

The MilliSAT H LW is a compact, lightweight satellite terminal solution optimized for airborne applications, such as UAVs and drones.

Featuring fully autonomous operation, this portable SATCOM terminal can transmit and receive high bandwidth data rates of more than 20 Mbps. Connectivity options are available for both Ka and Ku bands to provide high-data rate, secure COTM.

The MicroSAT LW satellite terminal is a specially optimized solution for UAVs, with a lightweight and a compact form factor that enables easy integration into the body of the aircraft.

This ruggedized SATCOM terminal features fully autonomous operation, with the ability to transmit and receive high bandwidth data rates of more than 10 Mbps. Connectivity options are available for both Ka and Ku bands.

Active Blade ESA KA AntennasThe Active Blade is a family of low-profile lightweight interlaced Electronically Steerable Array (ESA) antennas. Featuring a bandwidth of 2 GHz, Active Blade ESA antennas support both commercial and military Ka bands, making them ideal for a wide range of high-performance unmanned systems and robotic platforms.

Multiple sizes are available to support the differing connectivity and SWaP requirements of unmanned vehicles in the air (UAVs), on the ground (UGVs) and at sea (USVs and UUVs).

The Ultra Blade is an L-band Electronically Steerable Array (ESA) antenna designed for the most demanding and SWaP-conscious operational requirements. With a low profile, no moving parts and a weight of less than 5lbs, it is ideal for a wide variety of unmanned vehicles, including UAVs, UGVs, USVs and UUVs.

Compatible with all land mobile L-Band terminals, the Ultra-Blade can independently track any L-Band satellite, allowing modems to focus on pure communication. With more than 90% antenna efficiency, the lightweight and versatile Ultra Blade provides reliable and high-throughput satellite communications for unmanned systems.

To find out more about GETSAT and their SATCOM solutions for unmanned systems, please visit their profile page:

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