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Compact SATCOM Terminals & Low-Profile ESA Antennas for Unmanned Systems

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GETSAT is a leading developer of micronized, integrated satellite communication (SATCOM) solutions, providing secure Communications-on-the-Move (COTM) capabilities to unmanned systems in any domain (aerial, maritime and ground-based), including UAVs, UGVs, USV, UUVs.

Based on a unique InterFlat panel technology that allows transmitting and receiving of signals on the same panel, GETSAT’s ruggedized, portable satellite terminals can be outfitted with various antenna sizes to support a wide variety of commercial and government unmanned vehicle requirements.

UAV SATCOM Terminals and ESA Antennas

SATCOM Terminals

NanoSAT H Satellite Terminal

NanoSat H SATCOM terminal

Portable UAV SATCOM Terminal

NanoSAT H is our smallest, lightest SATCOM terminal, designed for portable “on-the-move” applications and the smallest unmanned aerial systems. The flexible micro communications system features an integrated block upconverter (BUC) and modem, and provides autonomous operation for the transmission and reception of high bandwidth data rates at more than 4 Mbps.


Ka Band
Tx Frequency 29-31 or 27.5-30 GHz
Rx Frequency 19.2-21.2 or 17.5-20 GHz
Max G/T 5.2 dB / K
Polarization RHCP/LHCP (co-pol / cross-pol)
Max EIRP 37.7dBW (8w BUC)
42.7dBW (25w BUC) with radome
Power Consumption 20W (Rx)
70W (Tx/Rx, with 8W BUC)
Size 21 x 23 cm (8.2 x 9″)
Weight 3.5 kg (7.71 lb)

MilliSAT H LW Satellite Terminal

MilliSAT UAV SATCOM Terminal

Low SWaP UAV SATCOM Terminal

The MilliSAT H LW is a compact, lightweight satellite terminal solution optimized for airborne applications, such as UAVs and drones.

Featuring fully autonomous operation, thi