Seatronics Purchase Additional SeeTrack CoPilot Units for Predator Observation Class ROV Systems

By Caroline Rees / 28 Jul 2014
Predator ROV
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Predator ROV

Seatronics Predator Observation Class ROV set up for SeeTrack CoPilot operations

SeeByte, the global leader in creating smart software for unmanned maritime systems, have sold a further five SeeTrack CoPilot licences to Seatronics. The software will be integrated into Seatronics’ Predator ROV, allowing the system to benefit from improved capabilities.

Adil Ali, International Product Sales Manager at Seatronics, said “We are committed to offering our customers a more capable platform and our relationship with SeeByte allows us to do that. It means we have been able to focus on the mechanical and electronic designs of the Predator, as we know that on the software side SeeByte are able to provide our customers with an outstanding product. SeeTrack CoPilot’s easy to use point and click interface means that our customers can, for example, plan a survey route and have the Predator automatically inspect it”.

Ioseba Tena, Sales Manager at SeeByte, said “This is a great example of how our strategy to partner with manufacturers can really help change the industry. Seatronics are global leaders in the rental and sale of marine electronic equipment and it’s reflected in the way in which they have taken this very capable inspection-class ROV to market. We are very excited to see their users get the full benefits from SeeTrack CoPilot”.

SeeTrack CoPilot is an advanced, easy-to-use, plug-and play software that makes piloting any ROV a much simpler task. SeeTrack CoPilot permits pilot controlled auto-transit and stop-and-hover, whilst providing automated sonar tracking and movement relative to a target.

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