Think Tank Thursday – Ensuring Safety: Collision Avoidance for Energy / Utility Operations with Iris Automation

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  • February 11, 2021, 11:00 (UTC)
  • Think Tank Thursday

    Using unmanned systems in the energy sector can increase the scope and efficiency of operations such as the inspection, monitoring, and maintenance of critical infrastructure. Ensuring airspace safety in these operations by being able to avoid collisions from both cooperative and non-cooperative aircraft is key to enabling pilotless BVLOS missions. Join us for a panel discussion as we explore how drones are using onboard collision avoidance technology for advanced operations that bring the most value for energy asset owners.

    Key Takeaways you will gain:

    1. Air safety is the main priority driving regulations that seek to address concerns of pilots, operators, and the general public.
    2. Aircraft manufacturers are expanding their platform capabilities by implementing onboard DAA and achieving reliability certifications from the FAA.
    3. Energy asset owners and service providers can derive clear value from investing in safety, and ultimately enabling BVLOS operations.

    Jason Hardy-Smith, VP of Product, Iris Automation
    Trevor Perrott, CEO and Co-Founder, Censys Technologies

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