ESA Radar for Counter-UAS & Ground-based or Airborne DAA (Detect-and-Avoid)

The Threat of Dark Drones to Critical Infrastructure & What We are Allowed to do About It

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  • Hosted by Echodyne
  • January 31, 2023, 20:00 (UTC)
  • Critical infrastructure faces a growing threat from unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or drones. The sophistication and carrying capacity of inexpensive drones continues to rise, while too much of our critical infrastructure remains unprotected.

    Discussion topics will include:

    • The real threat of drones to critical infrastructure
    • How to layer technology with radar to counter dark drones
    • Current legislation and how it is evolving

    Featured Speaker:
    Tom Driscoll is Co-founder and CTO of Echodyne. He leads Echodyne’s world-class engineering team. Prior to Echodyne, Tom was Managing Director of the Metamaterials Commercialization Center at Intellectual Ventures, where he and a small team of scientists realized a metamaterials technology platform that has currently underwritten 4 start-up companies. Tom holds a B.S. in Physics from Harvey Mudd, a PhD in physics from UCSD, and an adjunct professor position at Duke University.

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