Tech Talk: Innovations in Thermal Imaging

  • Webinar Type On Demand
  • Date January 28, 2021

A Sierra-Olympic Technologies webinar featuring company President, Chris Johnston and Chief Engineer, Stan Voynick. The two discuss three new thermal imaging products released in early 2021: the Ventus HOT mid-wave infrared series for long-range imaging, the Tamarisk USB integration board and the Ventus Micro MWIR camera for aerial integration.

Ventus HOT: High Operating Temperature (HOT) cooled mid-wave infrared camera series with 300, 690 and 900 lens models.

Tamarisk USB: A custom-designed USB-C solution for the suite of Tamarisk camera cores.

Ventus MICRO: A miniaturized, HOT MWIR camera with 16-180mm optic designed for space-constrained operations