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Skydio X10D: A Look Under the Hood

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  • May 22, 2024 , 17:00 (UTC)
  • Skydio X10D A Look Under the Hood

    Today, the world is beginning to recognize the value of small Uncrewed Aerial Systems (UAS) for defense, akin to the cell phone revolution. The conflict in Ukraine has highlighted the potential of drones, setting the stage for a paradigm shift in modern warfare strategies, fueled by sUAS.

    Innovations in drone technology are poised to transform the battlefield as we know it. These advancements underscore the critical role of technology in shaping future defense strategies, offering an unmatched advantage in complex and rapidly evolving operational theaters. Drones are not only enhancing the capabilities of armed forces and security agencies but are also setting new standards for efficiency, safety, and tactical superiority on the global stage.

    This discussion unveils the remarkable features and significant impact of X10D, a drone that epitomizes the fusion of AI-driven autonomy, superior thermal imaging, and sophisticated decision-making processes to provide the optimal solution for on demand organic ISR. Using our commitment to reliability and trust in our products, we’ll discuss our rigorous software development and flight testing regimen, a process honed through over 10 years and three generations of UAS development. We’ll spotlight X10D’s trajectory over the coming months, with a particular focus on enhancing electronic warfare resilience (EWR) and survivability.

    Key Takeaways

    • Revolutionary defense capabilities – unprecedented AI autonomy and thermal imaging that significantly enhances military strategy and efficiency
    • Commitment to reliability and innovation – testing and feedback-informed S/W development underscores our commitment to creating cutting-edge drones
    • Focus on survivability and adaptability – focused on resilience, advanced return-to-home, 3rd party payload compatibility and a sneak peek at our upcoming innovative drone technology solutions.
    • Setting the stage for future advancements – exploring uncrewed systems’ potential to redefine efficiency, safety, and tactical global dominance

    This deep dive is designed to ignite curiosity and foster further inquiry, setting the stage for the next wave of advancements in military and security operations.

    Join us as we explore how the integration of cutting-edge uncrewed systems like Skydio X10D is not just enhancing operational readiness but also broadening the horizons of strategic capabilities, setting new benchmarks for efficiency, safety, and tactical dominance on a global scale.


    • Chris Stock – VP of Mission Success at Skydio
    • Jonathan Montague – Manager, Solutions Engineering at Skydio
    • Kelsee Hober – Director, Product Management – Federal at Skydio
    • Nicole Bonk – Director of Flight Testing at Skydio
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