Robotics-Assisted Surgery: Critical Challenges and Robotics Opportunities

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  • Webinar Type Scheduled
  • Date June 3, 2021
  • Time 13:00 to 14:00 (CST)
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For patients, robotics-assisted surgery has provided many benefits including smaller scars, less pain, and faster recoveries. Surgeons, too, have benefited from greater visualization and enhanced precision. For these reasons, and more, robotics-assisted surgeries are becoming increasingly common worldwide, with both the number of surgeries and the range of procedures increasing rapidly.

For all of their successes, the practice of robotics-assisted surgery faces a number of challenges that must be addressed for the practice to become more widespread. In this RoboBusiness Direct session, the current state of robotics-assisted surgery, along with a forecast of future advances, will be described. Special emphasis will be placed on the key limitations of existing systems, and essential requirements (opportunities) going forward:

•    Better visualization
•    Enhanced precision
•    Increased dexterity
•    Improved haptic feedback
•    Smaller form factors
•    More intelligence
•    Lower cost solutions
•    Additional procedures
•    And more


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