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  • May 6, 2021, (UTC)
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    How Assured Autonomy Impacts Drone Regulations: Unlocking the Potential of Unmanned Flight
    11:00 AM – 11:45 AM ET

    Join a group of industry leaders and regulators to discuss how autonomous drones are unlocking the airspace from the ground up—and making drones more useful and effective than ever. The session will also discuss how enterprise operators can harness the power of autonomy to conduct BLOS operations and how regulators can promote trustworthy autonomy while unlocking the airspace from the ground up.


    The Path to Scalable Drone Delivery Operations
    12:00 PM – 12:45 PM ET

    Flytrex proposes an industry panel of the stakeholders and enablers of drone delivery UAS, discussing the pathway to Type Certification (TC) and certificated Part 135 operations. This panel will highlight the tireless efforts that Flytrex, its partners, and the FAA have dedicated to safe NAS integration by discussing the trends across Part 135 Operations, durability & reliability hours, as well as the technology behind the world’s leading drone delivery platforms. By leading with expertise, ingenuity, and leadership, companies such as Flytrex and others are positively impacting communities bringing science fiction to reality. What we see in the future will be a direct result of the hard work that these leaders and their partners have accomplished in the past, but also what will be accomplished tomorrow.


    Policy Landscape for Unmanned Aircraft Systems
    1:00 PM – 1:45 PM ET

    The policy landscape for unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) has continued to evolve, even in the absence of significant federal legislation, such as a reauthorization measure in Congress for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The FAA released its highly-anticipated UAS remote identification rule, along with new frameworks for operations over people and at nighttime, which requires a bit of unpacking. The House of Representatives and Senate had to grapple with drone-related topics that were at the intersection of geopolitics and cybersecurity. All the while, lingering policy issues, such as the implementation of Section 2209, from the “FAA Extension, Safety, and Security Act of 2016”, and how drones can continue be a valuable tool for first responders continued to be on the minds of many. Join our panel as we look back at 2020 and look ahead to what 2021 might bring on Capitol Hill and under the Biden administration.


    Scientific Innovation and Policy Development Go Hand In Hand: Why Private and Public Sector Collaboration is Pivotal to Building Safe, Reliable, and Trustworthy Autonomous Vehicles
    2:00 PM – 2:45 PM ET

    Join cognitive scientist and business executive, Dr. Monica Lopez-Gonzalez, as she discusses the missing link between science, business, and society for the successful integration of autonomous vehicles. Her talk will cover the need to intersect safety policies within artificial intelligence R&D, presenting the case for how policies demanding reliability and trust can inform the development of smarter autonomous systems and thus enable accelerated deployment.

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