FLIR: Introducing the all new Vue TZ20

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  • March 4, 2021, 12:00 (UTC)
  • FLIR: Introducing the all new Vue TZ20

    Join FLIRs resident drone expert, Randall Warnas, as we delve into one of our brand new products, the TZ20. The TZ20 is built for a number qualitative applications in the public safety, roof inspection and wildlife protection realms.

    During this webinar you’ll get key insights into:

    • The unique key features and capabilities of the TZ20
    • The visualizing power of our thermal zoom capabilities
    • The many applicable use cases for the TZ20

    You’ll also have the opportunity to get answers to your questions in a live Q&A session.

    Can’t make the date? Sign up anyway and we’ll send you the recording.


    Posted by Emma Wilden Connect & Contact