3rd Virtual Conference on Drone Technology – Industrial Applications & Opportunity

Webinar Details
  • Hosted by Institute of Asset Integrity & Reliability Management
  • July 14, 2021, 04:00 (UTC)
  • 3rd Virtual Conference on Drone Technology

    Drones have emerged as incredibly powerful, versatile industrial tools capable of completing a wide range of applications & enabling limitless opportunities. Industry professionals are increasingly using drones to improve and optimize industrial processes as well as enhance operational efficiencies. The nearly limitless visibility, data gathering and analyzing capabilities make automated drones valuable for several industry sectors like Oil & Gas Facilities, Pipeline, Power Plants & Distribution Grids, Defense, Mining, Offshore Structures, Transport systems, Infrastructure, Buildings, Bridges and other Industrial Facilities. In today’s competitive business environment, industries are increasingly using emerging technologies to improve efficiency, reduce risks, prevent disasters and cut costs. In particular, these technologies are enabling companies across different sectors to reduce risks and costs of inspecting confined, difficult to reach and hazardous locations. These are also helping the Industry to meet tough regulations and compliance requirements.

    The subject Webinar has been designed to address the different applications of Drone in the Industry, new technologies, service-specific products and challenges in the Drone Inspection to create an effective platform from all over the world to interact, share and exchange their experiences.

    Key Topic of Discussion

    • Drone Inspection & Monitoring Solutions
    • Drone Surveying & Mapping Solutions, Geo-Survey
    • Security & Emergency Response
    • Asset Inspection
    • Thermal Sensor Drones for Leak Detection & Rescue Operations
    • 3D Mapping with Drones
    • Safety Inspections of Buildings, Bridges, Infrastructure
    • New Technologies, Developments & Applications
    • Internal Survey like Refineries storage tanks and confined spaces
    • Application in Farming & Pesticides
    • Challenges & New Scopes of Application
    • Safety Surveillance & Disaster Management
    • Data Analysis & Automation
    • Inspection through Remote Operated Vehicles (ROV)
    • Case Studies
    • Open Q/A and Discussions
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