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Hellenic Red Cross demo Hydronalix’s SONAR EMILY

By Hydronalix Hydronalix / 28 Jun 2021
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In this video Hellenic Red Cross demonstrate using the SONAR EMILY (Emergency Integrated Lifesaving Lanyard). The new drone lifeguard by Hydronalix is expected to offer valuable solutions to the difficult task of Volunteer-Lifeguards of the EU.

The Sonar EMILY small unmanned surface vessel utilizes both side scan and downward-facing sonar to gather high-resolution imagery for the location of drowning victims, submerged vehicles and sunken boats. Both imaging transducers are mounted above the keel, allowing it pass directly over obstacles without risk of damage. The electrically-powered unmanned surface vehicle can reach a top speed of 18mph, and can be equipped with either a single or dual battery pack to provide mission endurances of 1.5 to 3 hours or 3 to 6 hours (at average speed of 2 mph) respectively.
It is the second robotic system to be added to the EU rescue fleet. The President of the EU, Dr. Antonios Avgerinos offered honourable boards to the representatives of the American Society, in gratitude for their great tribute to the Greek Red Cross.
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