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The Importance of Drones for Oil & Gas

Feature Article by Draganfly
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Draganfly discusses the importance of drones within the oil & gas sector in the whitepaper: The Future of Drone Surveillance.

Commander 3 XL by Draganfly

Commander 3 XL by Draganfly

Oil and gas pipelines are vital to the way of life around the globe, with more than 1.9 million kilometers of international pipelines, the risks are high and efficient management is critical.

Draganfly drones can be used by oil and gas companies to inspect infrastructure, locate damaged or fatigued components, conduct environment impact studies, and leverage multispectral sensors to measure foliage encroachments near infrastructure.

The use of drones also reduces man and maintenance hours whilst enabling efficient regulatory and sustainable reporting.

Read the whitepaper in full here >> The Future of Drone Surveillance

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