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Product Spotlight: VTC 7260-xC4 Vehicle Telematics Computer

The in-vehicle AI-aided VTC 7260-xC4 telematics computer from NEXCOM is designed for smart public transport and warehouse automation, featuring 11th Generation Intel® Core™ i7-1185GRE processing Feature Article by NEXCOM
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NEXCOM’s in-vehicle AI-aided telematics computer, the VTC 7260-xC4, serves as a central hub for vehicles whilst enabling the deployment of smart public transportation, smart agriculture and construction, as well as automated logistics.

Product Spotlight: VTC 7260-xC4 Vehicle Telematics ComputerWith machine learning (ML) increasingly being integrated into advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), there is a growing need for connectivity solutions in public infrastructure, intelligent transportation systems (ITS), and various warehouse operations.

Computational Power

Featuring the 11th Generation Intel® Core™ i7-1185GRE Processor, the VTC 7260-xC4 delivers 25% greater computational power than its predecessor.

Designed to meet high-performance image recognition and AI processing needs, it supports the installation of up to two Hailo AI Accelerator cards, achieving around 52 TOPS.

This enhances ADAS capabilities in identifying, recognizing, and predicting internal or external anomalies through video surveillance, LiDAR, and mmWave radar. Despite its compact and lightweight design, it supports the integration of multiple sensors, making it ideal for smart public transport and warehouse automation.

Integration & Compatibility

The VTC 7260-xC4 boasts four independent 2.5 GbE PoE ports and four USB 3.2/2.0 ports, enabling automated mobile robots (AMRs) and forklifts to connect with various IP/stereo cameras, mmWave radars, and 2D/3D LiDAR systems for SLAM-based navigation.

Buses and ambulances can leverage automatic vehicle locator (AVL) data through GNSS, 5G, and Wi-Fi to provide smart public transit and ITS solutions, computing the most efficient routes in emergencies.

Its advanced computing power, enhanced by Hailo AI accelerators and a performance decoder supporting 40x1080p30, allows the computer to handle extensive AI model workloads and manage substantial data. This includes both video images and point cloud information.

Connectivity & Data Sharing

With five extension slots, the VTC 7260-xC4 offers flexibility for connecting up to three Wi-Fi, LTE, or 5G modules, facilitating robust server communication.

For operational safety and efficiency, all footage from AMRs and forklifts, including machine-to-machine real-time communication, is stored on NVMe storage for rapid access. Data can be exported and shared via Wi-Fi, 5G, or in real-time as needed. Buses, ambulances, and farm tractors upload their data upon returning to base.

All applications are updated using Wi-Fi 6, ensuring a seamless wireless environment. The telematics computer also features heat dissipation solutions for LTE, Wi-Fi, NVMe, and Hailo AI cards, ensuring reliability even in extreme conditions.

Compact & Rugged

The compact VTC 7260-xC4 is MIL-STD-810H compliant, has a broad operating temperature range, and is secured by TPM2.0. With a variety of I/Os, expansion slots, and LTE/5G capabilities, it reduces human labor and costs while enhancing productivity, security, and safety, ultimately steering vehicles towards greater automation.

Key Features

  • 11th Generation Intel® Core™ i7-1185GRE for enhanced performance
  • Compact, rugged, and fanless design
  • Rich I/Os: 4 x PoE+, GbE, 4 x USB 3.2/2.0, and 2 x RS232/422/485
  • Storage options: 1 x 2.5” SSD, 1 x mSATA, and 1 x NVMe SSD
  • Support for up to three LTE/5G, Wi-Fi 5/6 combinations
  • Triple display outputs: VGA, HDMI, and DP
  • Wide-range DC-IN (9~36V) with ignition control & OCP/OVP
  • Wide operating temperature range (-30°C~60°C with 60W PoE)
  • Military standard for anti-vibration/shock
  • Compatible with Windows 10/11, Ubuntu 18.04
  • CE/FCC, UKCA, E-mark Certified
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