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Greenroom Robotics: Simulation Testing Advances Autonomous Technology

Greenroom Robotics has released an article discussing the versatility of synthetic targets to develop autonomous marine systems, offering flexibility by facilitating both simulated environments and real-world trials Feature Article by Greenroom Robotics
Greenroom Robotics: Simulation Testing Advances Autonomous Technology
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Within its GAMA and MIS-SIM product suites, Greenroom Robotics state that the Synthetic Targets feature will enable the creation of complex, dynamic environments within a digital realm. Read more >>

Users can create synthetic scenarios including multiple vessel types, behaviors, and environmental conditions, to thoroughly test and refine the marine autonomy system’s responses and decision-making processes.

The real-world setting allows for the virtual integration of target boats and scenarios directly into the autonomy system’s perception and navigation algorithms.

Greenroom Robotics say that there is no longer a need for physical target boats or the risk of navigating dense, unpredictable waterways. Synthetic Targets simulate these conditions for the system, allowing for safe, efficient, and controlled testing in open water, all while the system operates under the impression of a populated marine environment.

MIS-SIM chart interface

By enabling both simulated and real-world applications, this feature aims to address the industry’s important challenges, building a route towards safer, more efficient, and more reliable autonomy in complex environments.

The full article outlines:

  • Addressing the Autonomy Testing Conundrum
  • Synthetic Targets: A Versatile Solution
  • Bridging the Gap Between Simulation and Reality
  • Visual Insights and Future Directions

Testing autonomous systems, especially in marine environments, has always been a daunting challenge. The logistics of arranging physical target boats or navigating through busy waterways for real-world trials are not only costly but also pose significant safety risks.

Greenroom Robotics say that it has developed a solution that dramatically simplifies the process while enhancing the safety and reliability of testing autonomous technologies.

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