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Border Patrol: Improving Safety with Drones

Skydio discusses the benefits of using security drones to respond to border emergencies and for border patrol, outlining the reality of rapid responses at the US border Feature Article by Skydio
Border Patrol: Improving Safety with Drones
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Skydio understands that the varied and vast terrains of national borders present their own challenges for security agencies, in particular the U.S. Border Patrol. Read more >>

The sheer size of the areas to be monitored and the dynamic nature of threats ranging from illegal crossings to human and drug smuggling operations only compound on these challenges.

Advanced technology plays a pivotal role in this complicated security landscape. Skydio’s full article delves into:

  • Supporting national security and agent safety
  • Challenges of border & perimeter security
  • The role of thermal drones in reconnaissance
  • Implementing security drone solutions
  • The future of site security

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