Drone LiDAR Sensors & Laser Scanners for Aerial Surveying, Mapping & Bathymetry
RIEGL VUX-240²⁴ Upgraded high-point density laser scanner for UAVs

Upgraded high-point density laser scanner for UAVs

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The RIEGL VUX-24024 is a lightweight airborne laser scanner designed for fixed-wing and multirotor UAVs as well as unmanned helicopters. Providing significant performance upgrades over the base VUX-240 model, the unit delivers scan speeds of up to 600 lines per second and an ultra-fast data acquisition rate of up to 2.4 MHz.

Featuring a 75-degree field of view, the sensor is ideally suited for high-speed and high point density corridor mapping applications. RIEGL’s state-of-the-art Waveform-LiDAR technology provides echo digitization, online waveform processing, and multi-target capability for penetrating even dense foliage.

The VUX-24024 provides an internal data storage capacity of 2 TByte, and can be interfaced to an external IMU/GNSS as well as up to four external cameras. The sensor can be directly accessed via WLAN, allowing users to quickly and easily change configuration settings and check system status.


Dimensions 290 x 162 x 185 mm (without IMU)
Weight Approx 4.3 kg
Power Supply 18-34 VDC
Laser Pulse Repetition Rate Up to 2400 kHz
Field of View 75 degrees
Scan Speed 40 – 600 lines/sec
Accuracy 20 mm
Precision 15 mm