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AGEMA UGV Fully modular multi-mission rugged and robust UGV

Fully modular multi-mission rugged and robust UGV

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The AGEMA is a modular multi-mission UGV designed to support infantry and special forces units operating in both mounted and dismounted roles.

With rugged construction and amphibious capabilities, it can operate in a variety of challenging off-road environments, including muddy swamps, river and streams, and dense jungle.

The versatile UGV can be operated remotely or with AI-powered autonomy, and is able to undertake challenging missions even in GPS-denied environments. It can be programmed to follow troops at a specified distance, or lead a group of soldiers as a reconnaissance and force projection capability. Able to conquer even the most extreme terrain, it is ideal for providing actionable intelligence and offensive capability while keeping personnel out of harm’s way.

Available in 8×8 or 6×6 drivetrains, the AGEMA is simple to operate from a command vehicle or via a portable GCS, and features extremely low support and maintenance requirements.

6x6 8x8
Dimensions (L x W x H) 2.439 x 1.473 x 1.29 m 3.023 x 1.473 x 2.995 m
Weight 442kg 602kg
Engine V-Twin 23HP EFI V-Twin 40HP EFI
Payload Capacity 258kg (land) 168kg (water) 622kg (land) 330kg (water)
Towing Capacity 544 kg 544kg
Max Speed 35km/h (land) 5km/h (water) 29km/h (land) 5km/h (water)