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Veronte Tracker T28 High-performance tracking antenna for drones & unmanned vehicles
Veronte Tracker T28

High-performance tracking antenna for drones & unmanned vehicles

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Veronte Tracker T28

The Veronte Tracker T28 is a high-performance tracking system for long-range drones and other unmanned vehicles including UGVs and USVs. It can be equipped with any kind of direction antenna, including yagi, parabolic grid, and patch antennas, as well as telemetry and video data modules for communications at distances exceeding 200 kilometers.

The system utilizes precision encoders and embedded control actuators to achieve excellent antenna pointing accuracy even under the most demanding of conditions. It is available as standard in 400MHz, 900MHz or 2.4 GHz operational frequencies, and can also be provided in custom configurations to suit any frequency requirements.

An extendable 3.5-meter mast allows antennas to be positioned as high as possible in order to maximize visual line of sight (VLOS) and operational range. The highly portable system can be broken down into three parts for easy transportation and storage, and can be assembled in under 10 minutes.


Dimensions Moving head (w Veronte PCS): 63x43x23 cm
Moving head (w/o Veronte PCS): 63x43x14 cm
Mast (folded): 126 cm
Height: 125 – 350 cm (with provided tripod)
Weight Moving head (w Veronte PCS): 41 Kg
Moving head (w/o Veronte PCS): 36 Kg
Mast: 21 Kg
Power Input 12-36V (Max. 280W)
Speed Pan/tilt: 3.5º/s
Movement Pan: 360º continuous movement
Tilt: 0-90º
Pointing Accuracy 0.00274658º encoder resolution
Frequency Options 400-470MHz: 12 dBi (yagi) & 3.3 dBi (omnidirectional)
902-928 MHz: 14 dBi (yagi) & 3 dBi (omnidirectional)
2400MHz-2500MHz: 27 dBi (parabolic grid) & 4 dBi (omnidirectional)