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TrellisWare Introduces New UAS Waveform

TrellisWare has designed a new waveform for Unmanned Aerial Systems that provides anti-jam electronic counter-countermeasure (AJ/ECCM) control while maintaining high throughput data By Joe Macey / 10 Jun 2024
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TrellisWare Technologies has developed a new UAS waveform, their latest anti-jam electronic counter-countermeasure (AJ/ECCM) solution designed for Uncrewed Aerial Systems (UAS). 

TrellisWare’s new UAS waveform provides AJ/ECCM control while maintaining high throughput data to enable reliable first-person view (FPV) UAS operation.

TrellisWare is a leader in the development and deployment of MANET waveforms, including TSM®, a highly scalable wideband MANET, and Katana™, a highly resilient narrowband AJ/ECCM MANET.

Find out more about TrellisWare’s solutions, including the UAS waveform, at Eurosatory 2024, Paris, June 17-21, 2024. The company will be located in Hall 5a, Booth B345.

Marcus Urie, Director of Product Management, said; “TrellisWare is excited to provide our new UAS waveform as a unique solution to address the evolving needs of the uncrewed market space.

“Our UAS waveform is highly resilient for reliable operation in challenging radio frequency (RF) environments, while providing low latency high-speed video for optimized FPV operation. The SDR-based solution with broad frequency support allows rapid development to counter ever-evolving EW threats.”

This new waveform is designed to meet the critical needs of UAS providers & operators:

  • AJ/ECCM control for resilient operation in congested and contested electronic warfare (EW) environments
  • High-speed video/data
  • Low latency control/data for FPV operation
  • Reduced spectral visibility resulting in extra protection for operators
  • Long-range support
  • Software-based solution for ongoing waveform updates to counter future threats
  • Broad frequency range for flexible deployment: Lower UHF (225-450 MHz), Upper UHF (698-970 MHz), and L/S-band (1250-2600 MHz)
  • Easy embedment: application programming interfaces (APIs) and reference design available using TrellisWare’s TW-880 TSM Ghost™ Embedded Module for streamlined UAS integration
  • Designed for use on all standard TrellisWare software defined radios (SDRs), including both operator radios and embeddable modules
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