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Here’s our round-up of the five most read articles on this week By Abi Wylie / 14 Jun 2024
UST Top 5 Most Read Articles
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Take a look at UST’s round-up of our five most read articles in the industry this week, including new technologies, collaborations, white papers, and industry successes.

1. USAF Contract for Fixed-Wing Autonomous Drone Development

RapidFlight to Develop Fixed-Wing Drone for USAF

RapidFlight has been awarded a $10 million contract to produce a fixed-wing autonomous aircraft for the US Air Force. The contract, under the AFWERX Autonomy Prime program, will see the development of the fixed-wing SPX aircraft system.

For the first phase of the 36-month contract, RapidFlight will design SPX UAVs for developmental test and evaluation at the Autonomy Prime Proving Ground, a state-of-the-art facility designed to facilitate swift and iterative testing and development of autonomous UAS technologies.


2. Experimental Aircraft Advances in DARPA Initiative

Experimental Aircraft Advances in DARPA Initiative

Bell Textron Inc., a Textron Inc. company, has been down-selected for Phase 1B of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) Speed and Runway Independent Technologies (SPRINT) X-Plane program. 

Bell is building on its investment in high-speed vertical takeoff and landing (HSVTOL) technology and past X-plane experience to inform the X-plane development for this program.

Bell’s HSVTOL technology blends the hover capability of a helicopter with the speed (400+ kts), range, and survivability of jet aircraft. 


3. Tracking & Detection Improvements for Video Processing Software

Tracking & Detection Improvements for Video Processing Software

SightLine Applications, LLC has released its latest software, version 3.7.2, which brings major improvements and new features designed to enhance functionality and user experience across various applications. 

Software 3.7.2 adds dual channel processing to the 1750-OEM and marks the release of the 4100-OEM dual processor, becoming the first software to support both this dual processor and the 4100-SOM


4. Skydio X10D Included on BlueUAS List

Skydio X10D Included on BlueUAS List

The Skydio X10D has been added to the U.S. Department of Defense’s (DoD) Blue sUAS (small uncrewed aerial systems) Cleared List.

This designation by the Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) recognizes the Skydio X10D for its adherence to rigorous security standards and its capability to enhance operational effectiveness across various defense scenarios. With X10D on the BlueUAS list, procurement for government and defense entities is simplified and accelerated.

The DIU’s Blue UAS Cleared List underscores products that align with the U.S. government’s stringent security and performance standards, ensuring that U.S. armed forces have access to the best technology without compromising operational security.


5. Large Heavy Lift UAS Completes Phase I Autopilot Tuning

Phenix Solutions has completed the Phase I autopilot tuning for its Ultra 2XL Heavy Lift UAS with help from the Embention Autopilot Technical Team.

Phenix and Embention successfully completed programming of the engine, rotor system, electronics, and avionics to allow fully autonomous function of these systems. Currently, Iron-Bird testing is underway at the Phenix McMinnville facility flight testing to follow at the Pendleton, OR UAS Flight Range later this month.


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