Flight Trials for Long-Range Cargo UAV

Revolution Aerospace will conduct flight testing of its long-range cargo delivery drones in the Whitsunday Islands, aiming to demonstrate reliable cargo delivery capabilities for remote or infrastructure-limited areas By William Mackenzie / 17 Jun 2024
Flight Trials for Long-Range Cargo UAV
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Revolution Aerospace Pty Ltd (RevAero), a Brisbane-based SME specializing in autonomous systems and uncrewed aerial systems (UAS), is set to conduct live trials of its long-range cargo delivery drones in the Whitsunday Islands later this year.

Marked for late July or early August, the upcoming cargo drone flight trials will feature flights around Shute Harbour, Proserpine, Daydream Island, and Hayman Island. 

RevAero’s cargo service integrates in-house designed and developed Detect and Avoid (DAA) systems. The company’s broader fleet of UAS provide end-to-end operational middle-mile and last-mile cargo delivery for payloads up to 55kg, operating for up to 4 hours over commercially viable ranges. 

For the flight tests, the company has partnered with Virgin Cargo, who will be responsible for the first-mile delivery to Proserpine Airport.

RevAero aims to provide reliable cargo delivery into remote or infrastructure-limited areas. The company’s service bridges the gap between established long-mile logistics and remote or regional endpoints that are disadvantaged by inadequate or absent infrastructure. This capability is also suitable for urgent response scenarios, such as Humanitarian Aid and Disaster Recovery (HADR).

In 2022, RevAero was awarded a $5.3 million grant by the Australian government to advance regional aerial logistics managed via the company’s UAS Traffic Management (UTM) system. This project focuses on integrating traditional and emerging crewed and uncrewed air traffic, with a commitment to exploring the transportation of meaningful payloads to regional and remote communities. 

RevAero’s service aims to demonstrate how the distribution of goods and services can be achieved at scale, bridging the gap created by Australia’s vast distances and enhancing connectivity for regional communities.

Revolution Aerospace asserts that it is at the forefront of UAS innovation, providing a wide range of professional and technical services while engaging in advanced research and development. The company’s work is driving the growth and expansion of UAS operations and applications both in Australia and internationally. RevAero is developing several mission-enabling payloads for uncrewed aerial vehicles (UAVs) to support the civil and defense sectors.

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