Strategic Collaboration Between Commercial UAV Expo & HYSKY Society 

HYSKY Society will co-locate with Commercial UAV Expo 2024 (September 3-5), bringing the largest hydrogen aviation event to the global commercial drone trade show & conference By William Mackenzie / 21 May 2024
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Commercial UAV Expo organizers are collaborating to bring HYSKY Society hydrogen aviation education to the event in Las Vegas, NV, September 3-5, 2024. 

HYSKY Society X Commercial UAV Expo: 2024 Event Partnership 

Commercial UAV Expo is a global commercial drone trade show and conference. This year, the event will co-locate with HYSKY Society, producers of the world’s largest hydrogen aviation event focused on zero-emission aviation.

Together, they aim to enhance the collaborative opportunities for professionals in the commercial drone and hydrogen aviation sectors, and advance the future of hydrogen-based flight. 

HYSKY Society will host a myriad of offerings as part of the co-location, including a full-day Hydrogen Aviation Course, and the FLYING HY Conference, which is the world’s largest hydrogen aviation event with two days of education for the hydrogen aviation ecosystem.

Attendees will learn how to:

  • Source hydrogen
  • Fly safely with hydrogen
  • Benefit from tax credits
  • Build and position their businesses as leaders in the hydrogen market

The HYSKY Society event co-location will complement three days of robust commercial UAS offerings, including:

  • The Commercial UAV Expo Conference Program
  • Keynote speakers
  • The DRONERESPONDERS Public Safety Summit
  • Outdoor flying demonstrations
  • Add-on workshops
  • 225+ solutions providers
  • Exhibit Hall Theater programming
  • Networking events
  • Pilot training

Additionally, a Hydrogen Pavilion on the exhibit hall floor will showcase top vendors and technology in the space. 

Danielle McLean, Founder & CEO of HYSKY Society, commented; “Co-locating the FLYING HY Conference 2024 with Commercial UAV Expo is huge for HYSKY. 

“It’s not every day a small startup nonprofit gets to share our passion for hydrogen aviation with nearly 4000 people! We’re beyond thankful for the Commercial UAV Expo’s support—it’s exactly the boost that hydrogen aviation needs to spread the word about this magical little molecule and get everyone as excited about clean skies as we are.”

Lee Corkhill, Group Event Director at Diversified Communications, organizer of Commercial UAV Expo, commented; “It’s imperative to recognize hydrogen as a power source for the commercial drone space, making HYSKY Society a perfect fit as a collaborative event partner with Commercial UAV Expo. Adding the FLYING HY Conference and a Hydrogen Pavilion will allow attendees to get a closer look at technological progression and future opportunities.”   

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