Most Read Articles on UST This Week

Here’s our round-up of the five most read articles on this week By Abi Wylie / 31 May 2024
UST Top 5 Most Read Articles
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Take a look at our round-up of the five most read articles on UST this week, including new technologies, partnerships, events, and industry successes.

1. Flight Trials for VTOL Tail-Sitter UAS

Flight Trials for VTOL Tail Sitter UAS

Sikorsky, a Lockheed Martin company, is carrying out flight tests to mature the control laws and aerodynamics of a novel vertical takeoff and landing uncrewed aerial system (VTOL / UAS). 

The flight tests aim to prove the efficiency and scalability of a twin proprotor ‘rotor blown wing’ configuration, designed to sit on its tail to take-off and land like a helicopter, and transition easily to horizontal forward flight. 

The configuration has been engineered for long-endurance missions, such as intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance (ISR) and targeting.  


2. Volatus Aerospace & Drone Delivery Canada Announce Merger of Equals

Volatus Aerospace & Drone Delivery Canada Announce Merger of Equals

Volatus Aerospace Corp. and Drone Delivery Canada Corp. have entered into a business combination agreement to combine the companies in a merger of equals transaction, with the combined company to continue under the name “Volatus Aerospace Corp.”.

Subject to approval of the TSX Venture Exchange, the combined companies will also continue trading under the ticker “FLT”. 

Drone Delivery Canada is an award-winning drone technology company focused on the design, development, and implementation of its proprietary technologies for remotely piloted aircraft operations with an emphasis on cargo delivery. Volatus is a leader in the operation of piloted and remotely piloted aircraft systems.


3. Custom Camera Mount Gimbal for Industrial Drones Released

Custom Industrial Drone Gimbal for Sony Camera Released

 WISPR Systems collaborated with Gremsy to craft a tailor-made drone gimbal, specifically designed for the Sony ILX-LR1. 

The custom gimbal integration is optimized for seamless performance on both the Ranger Pro and the latest SkyScout platforms. The synergy between WISPR and Gremsy ensures precision, reliability, and unparalleled functionality, enhancing the capabilities of the companies’ cutting-edge drone solutions.

The Sony ILX-LR1 is a drone camera suited to surveying and mapping drones, inspection drones, and construction applications. It is powered by a 61-megapixel full-frame, back-illuminated Exmor R CMOS sensor and the BIONZ XR image processor.


4. New Low-SWaP Video Processor for Real-Time ISR

New Low-SWaP Video Processor for Real-Time ISR

Producers of onboard video processing technology, SightLine Applications, LLC has launched its 4100-OEM video processor, the newest addition to the powerful 4XXX series. 

Designed for real-time video processing for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) applications, the new 4100-OEM video processor stands as SightLine’s most advanced offering.

The 4100-OEM delivers Full HD performance and superior H.265 encoding capabilities in a compact design. Tailored for integrators seeking an advanced system, the 4100-OEM offers an extensive array of functions for video processing applications. 


5. Preliminary Design Review Success for MALE UAS

Preliminary Design Review Success for Long Endurance UAS 

The Eurodrone program, led by Airbus Defence and Space, has successfully performed the Preliminary Design Review (PDR)This major program milestone has been completed with OCCAR and representatives of the four customer nations (France, Germany, Italy and Spain) in the presence of the three Major Sub-Contractors (MSC), Airbus Defence and Space Spain, Dassault Aviation, and Leonardo.

The Eurodrone is a medium-altitude long-endurance (MALE) unmanned aerial system (UAS). Designed to become one of the main pillars of future combat air systems, the Eurodrone aims to facilitate international conflict prevention and crisis management.

Provided with innovative cutting-edge technology, the Eurodrone will offer operational superiority, especially in the context of Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance (ISTAR) missions.


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