Successful Multi-Drop of Live Fire Munitions from AeroVironment UAS

The VAPOR 55 MX UAS was armed with Shryke munitions that have versatile, multi-mission precision strike capabilities, able to stay within 1-2 meters of a designated target By Abi Wylie / 15 Jan 2024
Successful Multi-Drop of Live Fire Munitions from AeroVironment UAS
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AeroVironment, Inc.’s VAPOR® 55 MX all-electric military UAS (unmanned aircraft system) has made its first successful multi-drop of live fire GPS-guided Shryke munitions in collaboration with Corvid and L3Harris Technologies. 

The VAPOR 55 MX carried four rounds simultaneously and flawlessly showcased the live fire effects of this capability. The integration of Shryke munitions on the VAPOR 55 MX allows for multiple targets to be designated in one single flight. 

Shryke, developed by Corvid Technologies and L3Harris Technologies, is known for its versatile, multi-mission precision strike capability, meeting the requirement to stay within 1-2 meters of the designated target. 

Equipped with a MIL-STD-1316 Electronic Safe and Arm Device (ESAD), L3Harris’ integrator guarantees safety-critical initiation-on-command for energetic systems and facilitates the secure post-flight recovery of remaining installed munitions.

The open software and hardware architecture provides added versatility to the VAPOR 55 MX and continues to allow customers to integrate third-party payloads of their choice without being impacted by excessive non-recurring engineering costs and schedule delays.

“Collaborating with our partners to develop the multi-drop Shryke payload to integrate seamlessly with the Modular Open Systems Approach (MOSA) design of the VAPOR 55 MX gives us a real market advantage.  Quick integration for the warfighter continues to be our top priority,” said Jason Wright, AeroVironment’s senior product line manager.  

“Shryke’s size and weight make it the ideal choice for the weaponized VAPOR 55 MX.  The lethality of a 40mm anti-armor modular warhead paired with a lightweight glider provides a highly effective, low-collateral damage solution to the front lines,” said Kyle Bowen, Corvid’s Shryke business development director.

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