Platform Launched to Accelerate Industrial Robotic Inspection

The ANYbotics Industry Forum in Zurich, Switzerland welcomed 60 professionals from safety, inspection, robotics to share insights on their robotics programs and deployment experiences By Joe Macey / 04 Oct 2023
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Around 60 professionals from safety, inspection, maintenance, robotics, and innovation attended the 2023 ANYbotics Industry Forum in Zurich, Switzerland, September 20-21.

The gathering facilitated exchanges between industry experts who shared insights on their robotics programs and deployment experiences.

ANYbotics also announced its next Industry Forum between September 11-12, 2024, to be held in Zurich.

ANYbotics Industry Forum Focuses on Customer Deployments and Open Exchange

ANYbotics created the Industry Forum (AIF) to facilitate the exchange between companies driving the adoption of robotic inspection in their operations. AIF is an exclusive networking platform for safety, inspection, maintenance, operations, robotics, and innovation professionals from various industries.

The focus of the event was on sharing practical experience and strategic roadmaps from robotic practices at large asset operators. The program was enriched by keynotes on robotics from different perspectives, an ANYmal development roadmap discussion, and room for networking and informal exchange.

Niels Westendorp, Chief Business Development Officer, Quasset, said: “To reach more global deployments of robotics, it’s really important that we collaborate. Events like this help the collaboration because all the stakeholders of the industry are represented.”

The end-user panel addressed the significance of cultural aspects in the success of robotics programs.

First-hand Reports of ANYmal X Inspecting Ex-zones

BP, Cognite, and Equinor shared their experiences from deploying ANYmal X in Ex-rated areas. While Equinor focussed on insights they gained from the deployment at their onshore Technology Test Center during the Early Adopters Program, BP and Cognite presented their experiences from different offshore deployments in the North Sea. BP shared their findings from condition monitoring during extreme weather conditions and Cognite demonstrated how they fully integrated ANYmal X with their Cognite Data Fusion platform for data analysis and onshore robot supervision.

Customers’ Value-Driven Robotics Programs

The presentations of Alstom, DSM-firmenich, and W.C. Grace focussed on predictive maintenance and how it increases the reliability of railway rolling stock and chemical production. ANYmal was described as the essential data-gathering platform in these initiatives. Outokumpu and KKL/Axpo shared examples of how ANYmal can take over routine inspection in an environment where human exposure should be minimized, like in steel production and nuclear sites. One recurring theme in the presentations was the importance of cultural aspects and active change management to adopt the technology successfully.

Keynotes on the Future of Robotics by Google DeepMind and AWS

Google DeepMind presented its robotics program, highlighting the potential of large language models for robotics and their impact on the user experience. However, one key challenge is the limited availability of data in an industrial context. AWS addressed the future of robotics and explored the central role of cloud technology in shaping that future.

Attendees received a sneak peek into the latest ANYmal developments.

Exclusive Preview of ANYmal Developments and Roadmap

The technical and commercial ANYbotics teams provided an open dialog on the ANYmal and ANYmal X development plan, facility tours, poster sessions, and technical in-depths on the ANYmal solution. They showed the latest product enhancements in robotic fleet management and AI locomotion, which will be presented publicly in a webinar on October 5, 2023. ANYbotics also announced next year’s installment of its Industry Forum on September 11 and 12, 2024, in Zurich.

Dr. Péter Fankhauser, Co-Founder and CEO, ANYbotics, said: “We were deeply impressed by our customers’ presentations of their robotic programs and ANYmal deployments. They make the ANYbotics Industry Forum what it’s meant to be: an accelerator event for robotic inspection.”

Experience ANYmal X at the SPRINT Robotics World Conference

The next public opportunity to see ANYmal X and ANYmal will be at the SPRINT Robotics World Conference for Inspection and Maintenance Robotics on 10-11 October in Houston. Visitors can meet ANYmal during daily demonstrations and engage with the ANYbotics team.

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