New API for GNSS Precision Location

Point One’s GraphQL API is designed to unlock precision location for GNSS-powered devices, and enables developers to send a single HTTPS request and receive plain, well-formed JSON data By Abi Wylie / 29 Sep 2023
New API for Seamless Integration of Precision Location
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Point One Navigation has launched its GraphQL API, designed to deliver instant integration and unprecedented observability into precision location for GNSS-powered devices. 

The GraphQL API radically simplifies development, eliminating the need for vendor libraries, intermediate data stores or working with convoluted networks of REST endpoints. 

Developers building RTK-enabled products can now seamlessly integrate precise location into their products and services at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions.

Legacy REST-based APIs are built around how the vendor stores their data, not around how developers use that data. 

Before developers can do anything useful, they need to learn all the vendor’s endpoints, verbs, and relationships between entities across endpoints. Integration with these APIs has historically required costly infrastructure development to collect and store data for usage in applications. Besides the cost and complexity, this adds significant timing overhead that makes real-time operations impossible. 

However, with Point One’s GraphQL API developers can now send a single HTTPS request and receive plain, well-formed JSON data that can be used natively without an intermediate datastore or application. 

Getting all the data needed from a single request drastically simplifies integration for developers. In most cases, the solution can be integrated into a RTK-enabled product within a single day, without costly additional infrastructure.

GraphQL subscriptions are available for real-time applications, enabling developers to subscribe to changes and events. This empowers developers to create reactive, event-based systems rather than having to juggle timers, polling intervals, and quotas. 

The API enables effortless provisioning and credential management for product creators. Corrections can be automatically associated with devices, so there is no need to share NTRIP credentials with end users or provide support around NTRIP passwords and mount points. 

Combined with a web-based management portal, the API is designed to empower product creators and operations teams to easily manage and troubleshoot devices or consume events in real time into their own systems. 

“We’ve seen the adoption of precision location being held back by the lack of straightforward APIs for integration, credential provisioning, and management. As a developer-focused company, we are excited to launch an API that vastly simplifies both integration and operations for RTK-enabled products. We look forward to seeing the innovative products developers will create with this unprecedented technology, and are proud to provide unmatched observability,” said Aaron Nathan, Point One Navigation CEO.

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