New VTOL-in-a-Box Unveiled

Easy Aerial has premiered the Tern, a hybrid fixed-wing VTOL-in-a-Box at XPONENTIAL 2023 By Sarah Simpson / 12 May 2023
New VTOL-in-a-Box Unveiled by Easy Aerial
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Custom drone hardware and software developer Easy Aerial has unveiled its latest sUAS the Tern at XPONENTIAL’23.

A unique hybrid fixed-wing VTOL-in-a-Box solution, the Tern delivers VTOL capability, long flight times, and versatile payload options.

After take-off, the Tern can precisely and reliably perform a wide range of missions including ISR, border security patrols, linear inspections, agricultural mapping, and more, before autonomously returning to its ground station for automatic recharging.

The design features foldable wings and tail, enabling the medium range VTOL to be stored safely inside a small tactical ground station that fits many vehicle types.



Empty Weight13.2 lb (w/o payload)
Top Speed120 Km/h (74.6 mph)
Flight Time120 minutes
EnduranceAll weather (Rain, Snow & Fog)
Distance100 Km (62 miles)
PayloadNext Vision Nighthawk 2-V EO/IR
Teledyne Genie Nano 5G
MicaSense Altum-PT

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