New Private Network Designed for First Response Operations

Operating over a wide spectrum of radio frequencies and channel widths to deliver high throughput over a secure private network, Commtact’s CommNet solution can connect responders across several kilometers through video, audio and data By Caroline Rees / 02 Dec 2022
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Commtact has confirmed it will be releasing the CommNet wireless communication solution early in 2023 to aid first responders with information relay during emergency situations. 

According to Commtact, CommNet will be able to effectively gather information from sensors, robots and drones with speed and precision, and will relay this information to emergency responders via video, voice and data in real time. 

CommNet – Private Network for First Responders Credit: BLEND

“To help most effectively and to protect themselves, first responders need full and accurate information about what they’re facing, and they need this information in real time. They need to see what’s happening as it happens, and to maintain contact with one another on a high quality network, secure from cyberattack,” said Ariel Kandel, CEO of Commtact Ltd. “Commtact’s knowledge and expertise come from its 18 years’ experience in providing advanced, mission-critical wireless communications solutions for defense and security forces. Our innovative wireless systems are deployed in dozens of aerials, ground and naval platforms around the world, proving themselves daily in the field.”

“We aimed from the outset to be a one-stop shop for comprehensive wireless and data-link products, systems and applications, so we’ve always kept our design, development and manufacturing practices and processes broad and flexible,” said Kandel. “Our proprietary technologies comprise radio-frequency modules, transmitters, receivers, digital modems, antennas, tracking systems, software and firmware packages, integrated digital and analog data-link systems and specially tailored wireless communication solutions for aerial, naval and ground applications.”

“It’s this technology knowledge that we’re now bringing to first responders as CommNet,” said Dror Hacohen, Commtact’s vice president for sales & marketing. “With our vast experience in the field, where criteria for performance and quality are very high, we were able to develop a reliable, relevant system whose costs are relatively modest and is based on technology deployment for over a decade. This all puts us at the very front.”

Based on the company’s experience in the military sector, CommNet can connect large numbers of responders across several kilometers, through video, audio and data. It operates over a wide spectrum of radio frequencies and channel widths, delivering its high throughput over a secure private network.

“It gives first responders an independent, reliable, real-time mobile communications network on which to share information alongside constant situational awareness without time lapse,” said Kandel. “It enables them to coordinate, understand conditions instantly, ascertain whether there are human casualties. Even with a large number of users, it provides consistently high quality of service. Put more succinctly: it saves lives.”

CommNet is the first civilian product-line born of Commtact’s long experience in the defense sector. A second, now being readied, will be for complex high-end industries which rely heavily on automation but whose communications infrastructures are suboptimal, such as air and sea ports. The new system is designed to help their operational and support teams with safety issues irrespective of the existing infrastructure.

“While the communications perspective for industry and first response is of course very different from that of the defense sector, the quality of services is the same,” said Hacohen. “Companies worldwide, from Europe to the Far East, are waiting for our civilian solutions.”

“And that’s not where we’ll stop,” added Kandel. “We see a place for our data-link technology throughout the civilian market, our systems continually upgrading and developing in pace RF technological advance. As a world leader in wireless communication, we see Commtact’s systems embedded in all robotics systems, interfacing with artificial intelligence and other advanced technologies.”

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