Asian Country Orders UAS Detection & Flight Disruption Systems

Israel Aerospace Industries’ DroneGuard ComJam is an advanced system capable of locating and disrupting UAS communications and navigation capabilities without impacting civilian communications and GPS By Caroline Rees / 09 Sep 2022
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IAI DroneGuard ComJam system

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) will supply several dozen DroneGuard ComJam mobile systems for the long-range detection and disruption of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) under a new contract with an undisclosed Asian country.

According to IAI, the use of UAS has become a potential threat to borders, sensitive facilities, maneuvering forces and major events. UAS may be used for hostile purposes such as gathering intelligence, smuggling or even carrying armaments. Their detection is often difficult because of their small physical size, slow air speed, and low altitude flight. 

To deal with this threat, IAI’s ELTA Division developed the DroneGuard ComJam – an advanced system capable of locating and disrupting UAS communications and navigation capabilities, whether they are operating independently or in groups (swarms), without impacting civilian communications and GPS in the same area.

The system can detect hostile UAS, identify their mode of operation, and disrupt their communications and navigation so that they are essentially shut down. DroneGuard ComJam offers the advantage of long-range operation, whereby the UAS is disabled long before it poses a threat to the protected site.

“IAI’s Electronic Warfare systems are a force-multiplier when dealing with modern airborne threats. They are a key component in operational deployment by armies and security forces worldwide,” said Adi Dulberg, VP & General Manager, IAI/ELTA Intelligence, Communications & EW Division. “Unauthorized border penetration by hostile UAS, or the ability to target maneuvering forces or crowded areas, could cause significant harm. Our customer’s ability to defend against such threats will be significantly enhanced by the long-range detection and disruption capabilities that DroneGuard ComJam delivers.” 

IAI’s DroneGuard systems have been delivered to customers around the world, where they are used to protect critical installations, as well as major events such as the G20 Summit held in Argentina in 2018.

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