Counter Drone System Covers 20 MHz to 6 GHz Frequency Range with Single Antenna

The R&S ARDRONIS counter drone solution and the new R&S ADD557SR direction finding and monitoring antenna from Rohde & Schwarz can detect commercial drone activity across the complete frequency range By Caroline Rees / 31 May 2022
R&S ARDRONIS counter drone solution
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The R&S ARDRONIS counter drone solution from Rohde & Schwarz is an operationally proven and successful system that can cover the frequency range from 20 MHz to 6 GHz with one antenna; the new high performance R&S ADD557SR direction finding and monitoring antenna.

The R&S ARDRONIS system is operated by customers around the world and has been sold 100+ times. It displays a comprehensive list of all active remote control signals detected in the 20 MHz to 6 GHz frequency range. Thanks to the R&S ADD557SR, its range covers all frequency bands for commercial, off-the-shelf drones and/or do-it-yourself drone data links.

The antenna helps focus on signals in the spectrum, has a longer range and more coverage. Although remote control drones systematically change their radio frequency to avoid interception, R&S ARDRONIS can separate a selected remote control drone signal from others with a reliable profile-based auto-separation algorithm that detects and locates the signal.

R&S ADD557SR incorporates the latest technologies, making it a high-end, versatile device in stationary and mobile applications. The separate receiving antenna can be used with dedicated receivers. Important features include higher sensitivity (esp. in 5.8 GHz), easy deployment, a more compact design, an optional integrated lightning rod and an integrated compass with optional GPS. The antenna makes deployments for R&S ARDRONIS operators quicker and easier while also increasing operational coverage.

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