Teleoperation Conversion for Heavy Machinery

Robotics engineering company GESAR provides tele-remote operation solutions for heavy equipment By Sarah Simpson / 08 Apr 2022
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GESAR’s tele-remote operation system prioritizes safety and productivity, enabling operators of heavy machinery to comfortably control equipment remotely, from and on ground level to save lives.

GESAR can convert existing heavy machinery and equipment into tele-operated unmanned systems for increased profitability, enhanced production, and improved work efficiency in industries such as construction, demolition and mining.

Tele-op systems enable the tele-remote operation of heavy machinery from a control station in a safe area on surface or underground, regardless of distance.

The conversion of equipment to unmanned via long range remote control removes operators from potentially harmful exposure to smoke, fumes, radiation and dust. Alongside industrial applications, this type of unmanned technology also has use cases in the work of emergency services and clean-up operations following natural disasters such as earthquakes.

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