AI Performance on MicroSys System-on-Module Platforms

By Caroline Rees / 02 Dec 2021
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MicroSys Electronics’ new embedded System-on-Module (SoM) platform miriac AIP-S32G274A, which is based on NXP S32G vehicle network processors, now supports Hailo-8 Artificial Intelligence (AI) accelerator modules. 

MicroSys miriac AIP-S32G274A SBC with Hailo-8 AI accelerator modules

A result of MicroSys’ partnership with AI chipmaker Hailo, the powerful AI solution delivers up to 52 TOPS (tera operations per second) for ASIL D safe zonal gateways and real-time controls in autonomous vehicle and stationary machine applications.

The new, application-ready SoM-based AI platform targets a wide range of industrial and mobility markets such as Industry 4.0 gateways, zonal automotive controllers, Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) controllers, heavy machinery controls, smart farming robots, autonomous logistics vehicles, robots and more, and meets OEM requirements in terms of industrial quantity, quality and long-term availability.

Powered by the NXP S32G274A vehicle network processor, the SoM based miriac AIP-S32G274A can integrate up to 2 advanced Hailo-8 AI accelerators to reach its maximum AI performance of 52 TOPS, providing best-in-class processing performance and deep learning capabilities for decentralized situational awareness. The embedded platform delivers high AI computing performance across multiple standard NN benchmarks, including 2450 Frames Per Second (FPS) on Resnet-50, 2100 FPS on Mobilenet-V1 SSD, and up to 380 FPS on YOLOv5m.

Awarded ‘Best AI and Vision Processor 2021’ by the Edge AI and Vision Alliance, the automotive grade Hailo-8 outperforms other available AI processors for edge computing with up to 26 TOPS at a typical power consumption of 2.5 W. The miriac AIP-S32G274A embedded platform, combining the Hailo-8 AI processor with MicroSys’ Arm Cortex NXP Automotive S32G platforms, provides customers with a highly efficient way to implement AI into their connected edge appliances.

The new application-ready miriac AIP-S32G274A starter kit for AI is a springboard for cost efficient custom designs in industrial quantity, quality and long-term availability and comes complete with everything necessary for evaluation and development. It includes an IEC 61508 compliant and ASIL D safety ready miriac MPX-S32G274 SoM with quad Arm Cortex-A53 cores plus triple Arm Cortex-M7 dual-cores, 1 or 2 Hailo-8 AI processor modules, a carrier board with Ethernet with TSN, PCIe, USB, SPI, and I²C as well as standard automotive busses like Flexray (2x), LIN (4x) or CAN (16x plus 2x CAN FD) and a cable set. Developers also have access to the comprehensive AI and development tools offered in the Hailo Developer Zone. 

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