Expansion of Analytics Software for Agricultural Drones

By Caroline Rees / 02 Aug 2021
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Global crop protection company, ADAMA, and aerial analytics provider, Agremo, have announced an expansion program of the ADAMA Eagle Eye drone analytics farming platform.

Powered by Agremo and operated by ADAMA, the solution offers an advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based analysis of aerial data and imagery that helps growers protect yields more efficiently through user-friendly maps, statistics and other practical tools.

This supports ADAMA’s product development and marketing activities and allows better accessibility to crop information for industry professionals and growers across the world.

“In 2021, ADAMA Eagle Eye will roll-out in 6 new countries in addition to the U.S. Agremo’s pilot network makes it possible to perform a more significant number of missions at a lower cost in wide geographical deployment,” Yalon Perelman, AgTech (Agricultural Technology) Project Manager at ADAMA, said. 

“The ability to translate reliable information from the field into actionable and accurate data enables ADAMA’s teams to demonstrate the performance of its products while sharing the results with growers.”

The Agremo software extracts critical information from a drone map to provide different field and crop reports into the ADAMA Eagle Eye system. The reports illustrate actionable details on plant population, stand count, flowering estimate, weed, stress, pest, disease, drought, and field arable area.

“Sharing data and collaboration through Agremo is straightforward and intuitive. Our system ensures transparency and builds trust between Ag professionals regardless of their location,” Agremo CEO, Dr. Milan Dobrota explains. 

“Remote accessing crop data, sharing of the analytics, visualization, and historical data, make decision making and crop management much easier, especially during the challenging COVID period.”

The additional data layer Agremo provides will help ADAMA make smarter decisions about pipeline projects with vital insights using a visual data point. In addition, the report aids in a more focused discussion about the observations, eliminates speculation regarding ADAMA products’ efficacy and provides conversational topics when meeting customers and growers.

“We are happy to expand our partnership with Agremo, to provide growers and Ag-professionals tools that enable effective and efficient use of agricultural inputs, which is an important part of every farmer’s success,” Georgiana Francescotti, Head of Global AgTech and Digital Services at ADAMA, says. 

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