FAA’s New UAS Remote ID Rule Supported by WhiteFox

By Sarah Simpson / 11 Jan 2021
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WISDM world's first Secure Remote ID capability

WISDM by Whitefox – world’s first Secure Remote ID capability

The FAA’s release of a revised final rule on UAS remote identification (RID) has been meet with approval by pioneers in drone airspace security. Founded on the principle that public acceptance of unmanned vehicles will be necessary to allow society to realize the full benefits of these systems, WhiteFox Defense Technologies has welcomed the new ruling as practical, useful, and designed to maintain a balance between security and privacy concerns.

While the FAA’S drone ID rule does not accomplish everything some in the unmanned industry might have hoped, it does deliver public awareness and accountability to the drone world. Whitefox continues to work with key stakeholders to integrate drones safely and securely into the U.S. National Airspace System, in order to unlock billions of dollars of economic value and the life-saving potential of the skies above.

Since its inception, WhiteFox has been involved in advocating for and designing a sensible and practical Remote ID solution by working with authorities at every stage, including those responsible for the ASTM standard and the revised final rule. The Company demonstrated the world’s first Secure Remote ID capability, WISDM, in conjunction with the FAA at the United Nations ICAO Summit.

Speaking of the new FAA rule, WhiteFox CEO Luke Fox said, “Remote ID is not about punishing drone operators—Remote ID will unlock key drone missions involving beyond visual line of sight requirements, which are absolutely essential to moving the drone industry forward,” adding, “Widespread Remote ID use will give authorities confidence that drones are flying where and when they should be.”

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