Polynesian Exploration GNSS/INS Used For Mobile High-Definition Mapping

Published: 07 Jun 2019 | Author: Mike Rees

PolyNav2000 GNSS&INS modulePolynesian Exploration (PolyExplore), a manufacturer of economical high-precision navigation solutions for unmanned systems, has announced that autonomous vehicle mapping company DeepMap is utilizing the PolyNav2000 GNSS/INS rover for research and development related to mobile high-definition mapping.

“We are delighted to work with DeepMap toward a shared vision of safe autonomy,” said Dr. Senlin Peng, Polynesian Exploration CEO. “The Polynav2000 family is ideal for unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) and autonomous vehicle applications in urban environments.”

“HD mapping for autonomous driving typically requires five to ten-centimeter accuracy. DeepMap is using PolyExplore products to achieve these accuracy levels and bring safe autonomy to the market,” said James Wu, Co-Founder and CEO of DeepMap.

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