Delair Launches AI-Driven Drone Data Analysis Platform

By Mike Ball / 07 Feb 2019
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Delair aerial intelligence platform

Delair, a developer of commercial drone solutions, has unveiled Delair Aerial Intelligence (, a comprehensive platform for converting drone-based images into actionable business insights. The new cloud-based solution provides a complete integrated and easy-to-use workflow to manage, analyze and share data, streamlining the process for unlocking the true potential of aerial surveying. Industry-optimized analytics for specific industries and use cases in mining, quarries, construction, power and utilities, and agriculture enable more accuracy and precision to deliver bottom-line benefits to a wide range of businesses.

The hardware-agnostic platform adds to Delair’s portfolio of enterprise-class software solutions for the UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) industry. Built on a foundation of six years of internal software development efforts and following its acquisition of Airware’s key assets in 2018, Delair now has the largest team of software developers focused on drone data management. The company offers the most scalable platform and the broadest portfolio of analytics to enable enterprises to implement a digital transformation of their assets in order to harness the power of data collected by drones of any type.

“It has become clear that data and software are the real end game in effective commercial drone use by enterprises. These businesses demand not just innovative technology but enterprise-ready solutions that offer the scalability, reliability, and security they need, as well as the ability to integrate with other key business processes. With Delair Aerial Intelligence we can offer the combined power of an enterprise-focused workflow and proven industry-specific analytics to help turn aerial data into actionable business insight,” said Michael de Lagarde, CEO at Delair.

“The Delair Aerial Intelligence platform is destined to dramatically impact and inform the business decisions made by our company and our industry. We are excited about the additional benefits and powerful analytics which allow our colleagues to access the information faster than ever before and analyze the data to make better decisions for the company.” said John Blackmore, mapping and survey supervisor at Luck Stone, the largest family owned and operated producer of crushed stone, sand and gravel in the US. “We are excited about the additional benefits of the Delair Aerial Intelligence platform, which allow our associates to access the information faster than ever before and analyze the data to make better decisions for the company. Luck Stone has prioritized and valued innovation since our inception in 1923 and we are inspired by the opportunities that Delair’s UAV technology advancements will afford to all aspects of our company’s operations.”

The Delair Aerial Intelligence platform provides a powerful set of tools for visualizing, measuring and storing data. Intuitive commands allow the user to visualize a site in 2D or 3D and includes support for orthophotography, slope maps, digital surface models and 3D models. Measurement is made quick and simple with integrated toolsets for calculating length, determining an area size, or calculating stockpile volumes.

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Real-time collaboration is enabled in the platform through annotation features, integrated conversation threads and instant notifications from team members. It allows drone data to be overlaid with other geospatial data, supporting popular commercial formats and allowing data to be easily exported to a range of industry-standard software suites and reporting formats.

The Delair Aerial Intelligence platform supports a large suite of analytics packages for specific applications in different industries. For example, the analytics for mines and quarries allow efficient ways to control and report on inventory, ensure site safety compliance, and optimize and maintain haul roads. For construction projects, analytics tools are available to monitor job progress and earth moving operations, import and compare survey designs to as-built.

Precision ag practices are enabled with the analytics options for agriculture and forestry. Tools are available to perform detailed analysis of fields, runs filed inventory to characterize crops and monitor them. For power and utilities use cases analytics can classify point clouds and vectorize conductors, analyze vegetation growth and prioritize maintenance activities.

For several years Delair has accumulated thousands of flights and produced tens of thousands of analytics. This carefully curated database has been used to train custom deep learning models to automatically classify each pixel of each new flight, and recognize objects or classes such as water, vegetation, construction, vehicle, haul road, stockpile, safety blocks, safety berm, quarry face – eliminating hours of manual analysis on a large site map.

The system’s cloud-based approach simplifies data storage and access, making it ideal for team collaboration and archiving. The platform is inherently scalable, supporting the use of multiple UAVs and data collection techniques. An unlimited number of projects can be stored and shared, providing access to critical data by anyone who needs it across the enterprise – managers, field adjusters, risk engineers, data scientists, surveyors, and accountants.

Delair Aerial Intelligence is built to support enterprise-strength security and privacy. Built-in features enable data to be encrypted in transit and within the platform and granular role-based controls provide user-specific access and editing privileges. Audit trails provide a detailed record of every action of every user. exposes standards-based and documented APIs and an SDK for advanced integration of the solution with customers’ IT infrastructure. Intricate workflows can be easily implemented, and analytics can be exported to ERP, CMMS or FSM software.

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