3W-International Signs Distribution Agreement for Turkey

Published: 14 May 2018 | Author: Mike Rees

3W-740xi B4 TS Heavy Fuel Engine for UAV

3W-International, a manufacturer of propulsion systems for unmanned aerial systems (UAS), has announced that it has signed a distribution agreement with IHATEK Ltd., who will market and distribute 3W-International’s products in Turkey, as well as those of 3W’s partner Sky Power.

“We are looking forward to this strategic partnership. The team of IHATEK Ltd. is involved in many Turkish UAS projects and has gained a great amount of experience in the Turkish market over the past few years. This is why IHATEK Ltd. is the ideal partner for us,” said Karsten Schudt, Managing Partner at 3W-International.

Gökhan Celik, Managing Director of IHATEK Ltd., added: “The engines manufactured by 3W-International have an excellent reputation. 3W-International built engines are particularly suited for demanding projects that focus on efficiency, low fuel consumption and high TBOs.”

In addition to 3W-International engines, IHATEK Ltd. will also distribute the engines of Sky Power. “We will be working together very closely, as this is the only way to ensure that we can offer Turkish customers the best propulsion solutions,” added Schudt.

The German engine supplier will also actively support IHATEK Ltd. on site. The development of service structures in Turkey is planned for the second half of the year. “This will put us in a position to offer our customers consultancy, sales, maintenance and service as a one-stop supplier,” continued Celik.