Yamaha Motor Unveils Agricultural USV

By Mike Ball / 12 Oct 2017
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Yamaha Motor Water Strider USV

Yamaha Motor has unveiled the company’s new Water Strider unmanned surface vessel (USV), designed for remotely controlled herbicide spraying work in rice paddies.

The Water Strider is an unmanned boat approx. 1.6 m in length, which is capable of spraying herbicide from its hull while traversing rice paddies via the wind power generated from its 34 cc engine-driven propeller. Operation is carried out from a dedicated transmitter, which requires no license.

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The new model features improvements such as:

  • Smooth travel and fatigue reduction through the addition of a gyroscope
  • Revised chemical discharge volume valve (2-stage to 3-stage) enables use of a wider range of flowable type herbicides
  • New graphics including holograms for greater visibility
  • Change to a highly-durable resin propeller

Benefits carried over from the previous model include:

  • Detachable cassette tank (8 litre capacity) for rapid chemical reloading
  • Excellent handling and maneuverability due to the lightweight body and hull shape (capable of operating in a water depth of 5 cm or more)
  • Application of shock-absorbing material from boat development technology
  • Ever-expanding nationwide service network
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