VStar Systems Demonstrates Modular Signal Intelligence Sensor

By Mike Ball / 11 Jul 2017
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Martin UAV V-Bat

VStar Systems has announced that, in conjunction with Martin UAV, it has successfully completed an overseas demonstration of its modular Signal Intelligence Sensor MA-C2E/Lite onboard the Martin UAV V-Bat aircraft. The sensor made multiple flights aboard the Martin UAV V-Bat with durations of over 2.5 hours. The MA-C2E/Lite greatly exceeded expectations by collecting signals from over 100 miles distance while the aircraft flew at 5,000 feet above ground level. In the course of several days, several other system firsts were achieved, including altitude, duration and range.

“The completion of the demonstration marks a critical step in the right direction,” said Andy von Stauffenberg, CEO of VStar Systems. “We clearly showed that there is a gap in the ability to collect intelligence and our joint system is able to fill it. I am particularly excited to say that we were able to collect useful and new intelligence during this demo. Of course, thanks go out to Martin UAV and their incredible aircraft.”

The MA-C2E/Lite system is designed to function as a highly modular, scalable, flexible tactical COMINT sensor, specifically intended to address design challenges posed by Class 2 or 3 UAVs. The Martin UAV V-Bat aircraft is a Vertical Takeoff and Landing (VTOL) aircraft designed to fly from very small areas with a minimal amount of support equipment.

“The aircraft is amazing,” said von Stauffenberg. “It never gets old to see it hover a few feet off the ground before traveling straight up and finally transitioning into straight flight. We hope that our sensor is able to provide customers with new critical capabilities and see this joint system as a very capable intelligence platform.”

VStar Systems designed its MA-C2E/Lite to provide signal intelligence such as signal copy, signal identification and geolocation to a wide variety of platforms. At a weight of approximately 2 lbs., MA-C2E/Lite provides COMINT capabilities to Martin UAV’s line of V-Bat drones, which previously were limited to optical payloads due to the large size and weight of other SIGINT sensors on the market. MA-C2E/Lite is one of several products under the MA-X Modular Airborne Signal Intelligence System, a scalable solution designed to provide critical intelligence with greater flexibility than comparable systems.

“The integration of MA-C2E/Lite into V-Bat offers a potent combination giving organic intelligence collection capability operating from austere locations with a small tactical footprint,” said Phil Jones COO of Martin UAV. “We look forward to continuing development with V-Star Systems targeting both defense and international markets.”

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