NuWaves Engineering Announces New Low Noise C to X Band Amplifier

By Mike Ball / 22 Feb 2017
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NuWaves Engineering HILNA CX amplifier

NuWaves Engineering has announced the company’s newest broadband low noise amplifier, which covers C- to X-Band frequencies, extending the frequency range and potential applications over which the High Intercept Low Noise Amplifiers (HILNATM) family of low noise amplifier (LNA) products can operate.

The HILNATM CX is the latest addition to the family of LNAs, covering C- to X-Band frequencies. This model features a miniature form factor of 1.2 cubic inches, allowing for ease of integration into space-constrained systems.

The HILNATM CX delivers over 35 dB of gain across the entire broad range of 5 GHz to 10 GHz with a noise figure of 2.5 dB and OIP3 of +21 dBm. The HILNATM CX’s ultra-broadband coverage allows the user comprehensive spectrum coverage within a single, miniature module. Custom solutions for this LNA module are available for systems requiring other bandwidths, military screening, form factors, filtering, and gain.

“As an add-on to an existing communications system, the HILNATM CX offers the systems integrator the ability to amplify C- and X-Band signals with high linearity for higher resolution imagery and high-resolution imaging radars for target identification and discrimination.” said Jeff Wells, President and CEO of NuWaves Engineering. “NuWaves Engineering takes pride in offering first-rate communications solutions to the Warfighter. Our low noise power amplifiers enable greater standoff distances for unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) and unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) applications, giving our armed forces the advantage in hostile environments.”

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