Airobot’s Collision Avoidance Solutions to be Integrated into HEIGHT TECH VTOL UAVs

By Caroline Rees / 01 Jun 2016
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HEIGHT TECH’s multirotor drone platform

HEIGHT TECH’s multirotor drone platform

HEIGHT TECH and Airobot have announced a partnership to integrate Airobot’s collision avoidance and close range flying sensor solutions onto HEIGHT TECH’s multirotor drone platforms.

“We are proud to partner with Airobot”, said Dirk Liebegall, CEO of HEIGHT TECH. “We believe this integration is a perfect fit to make our customer’s operations more safe, precise and easy by providing the necessary tools for close range flying.”

UAVs will disrupt inspection, security, logistics and other industries. In 10 years, UAVs will automatically inspect wind turbines, survey large sites and deliver packages. Moreover, UAVs will disrupt our world in ways we cannot even imagine right now. Collision avoidance and distance detection are a key concept in automated and autonomous workflows. This key was the basis of the partnership between both parties.

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The founders of Airobot reacted: “The combination of the knowledge of both companies will thrive the drone sector forward by providing a safety and precision system for operations in close proximity of objects. Taking pictures at fixed distances, avoiding obstacles and getting distance feedback was never so easy”.

HEIGHT TECH and Airobot have previously worked together – HEIGHT TECH became one of the first resellers of Airobot’s Ranger, a distance tool for close range flying.

The new product will be tested throughout 2016 and commercialised early 2017.

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