Transcend Robotics Announces New Mobile Ground Robotics Product Line

By Mike Ball / 24 Mar 2016
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Transcend Robotics ARTI3

Transcend Robotics, a developer of ground-based robotic mobility technologies, has introduced the ARTI3 family of products for applications such as tactical and dangerous situations. These robotics platforms leverage Transcend’s patented Articulated Traction Control (ARTI) technology for quickly climbing stairs and other obstacles

“Until now, the ability to climb stairs and navigate human environments has been a major challenge for mobile robots. Traditional approaches of tackling this problem are too slow, require complex controls, and are too expensive for most applications,” said Phil Walker, CEO of Transcend Robotics. “ARTI technology will transform the world of robotics mobility. The ARTI3 family of products brings that mobility to countless applications with unprecedented speed, simplicity, and versatility.”

“ARTI3 has been a game changer for us,” said Naeem Ahmed, President of Clickmox Solutions, a technology provider in the mining and industrial sectors. “By equipping ARTI3 with a laser scanner, we can easily produce 3D scans of hard-to-access and rugged environments, such as caved-in openings in underground mines and underneath civil structures with narrow openings. We do this remotely even without line-of-sight to ARTI3, with complete visibility with the 360-degree pan-tilt-zoom camera, and most importantly, safely without putting our staff in harm’s way.”

The ARTI3 product line from Transcend Robotics consists of two new offerings:

ARTI3 Mobility Platform enables integrators and developers to mobilize a broad range of applications in the real world. Use cases and industries include 3D mapping, telepresence, construction management, mining, and manufacturing. This versatile platform enables integrators to quickly mobilize sensors, electronics, and software, in as little as 90 days.

ARTI3 Vantage is an out-of-the-box solution for users who wish to bring mobile robots into the environment that they work in. It comes equipped with pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras, 30-lb payload capacity, IP-54 for wet environments, zero-degree turn radius, and color LCD remote control. ARTI3 Vantage is ideal for human and dangerous environments, such as tactical operations and hazardous inspection.

Transcend claims that the patented ARTI technology is the first mobile robotics platform that utilizes a purely mechanical solution for seamless mobility up and down stairs and obstacles. ARTI technology can ascend 3 steps in less than 8 seconds without the complexity of artificial intelligence or highly trained operators. An ARTI robot simply needs to move in the forward direction to climb steps and navigate other obstacles.

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