Applanix Introduces Cloud-based Virtual Reference Station Tool

Published: 09 Nov 2015 | Author: Mike Rees

Applanix SmartBaseApplanix, a world leader in products and solutions for mobile mapping and positioning, has introduced a Cloud-based version of their industry-leading Virtual Reference Station tool, SmartBase™. SmartBase™ is now available as a web-based cloud service for all users, and is free for a limited time.

Compatible with leading post-processing software packages, including Applanix’ own POSPac MMS and POSPac UAV, as well as with Trimble’s TBC and other tools both commercial and open-source, SmartBase generates a set of observations for a virtual base station exactly where and when users need it, and emails the resulting data ready for differential GNSS processing using any standard post-processing package. By combining and interpolating data from multiple CORS or other public base stations, SmartBase improves the accuracy of post-processed DGNSS over using a single public base station, and saves the cost and hassle of setting up and logging data from a dedicated GNSS base station.

Watch the video:

SmartBase Cloud is now in public beta testing phase. Applanix invites users to see for themselves how SmartBase can work for them, at

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