Solace Power Develops Wireless Mid-Flight UAV Charging

Published: 13 Jul 2015
Solace Power wireless charger

Illustration of the Solace Power wireless UAV charger

Solace Power Inc. has partnered with The Boeing Company to develop and demonstrate its new wireless charging technology for small unmanned aircraft.

Solace has developed the capability to recharge UAV batteries in flight through wireless electrical energy. This will enable UAVs to travel further from station and stay in the air for longer periods of time.

Solace Power’s RC2 (Resonant Capacitive Coupling) technology uses electric fields for wireless power transfer via charging pads. The wireless charging pads can be strategically placed near surveillance/inspection areas, allowing aircraft to stay in the field for extended periods of time.

The ability to charge a UAV by landing on or hovering near charging pads, reduces the need for operators to swap batteries or to connect a power cable, negating the need to return to a single point when battery life starts to run low. Since the batteries do not require replacement and exposed charging contacts are not necessary, the UAV can be completely sealed, allowing it to operate in harsh environments.

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