AIRS Launches mini-Nyx-S 640 SWIR IDCA with Extended Spectral Response

By Caroline Rees / 10 Apr 2015
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AIRS mini-Nyx- S 640 SWIR American Infrared Solutions (AIRS) has announced the launch of the mini-Nyx- S 640 SWIR Integrated Dewar Cooler Assembly (IDCA). The mini-Nyx-S 640 IDCA is integrated with a high performance 640 x 512 short wave infrared (SWIR) IRFPA. The mini-Nyx-S 640 is a further extension to AIRS’ SWIR product line, joining the existing 384 x 288 format IRFPA product. The mini-Nyx-S is uniquely designed by AIRS to address applications such as hyperspectral imaging, commercial/scientific OEM applications, gimbal systems, man portable systems, and ISR.

Optimized for hyperspectral and imaging applications, the mini-Nyx–S provides extended wavelength capability (to 2.5um) and higher quantum efficiency and signal to noise (S/N) than conventional SWIR sensor technologies by utilizing a state of the art high operating temperature (HOT) mercury cadmium telluride (MCT) IRFPA. HOT MCT technology allows for high reliability coupled with inherent high performance supporting the most critical SWIR applications. The HOT technology additionally allows the mini-Nyx-S excellent low power, long life performance similar to conventional thermoelectrically cooled devices.

AIRS mini-Nyx-S SWIR IDCAAIRS uniquely supports its customers by specifically configuring the optical interface with order blocking filters, cold filters and other optical subassemblies within the IDCA. This can greatly simplify the optical design and packaging of customers systems. Further, the mini-Nyx-S can be enhanced by AIRS’ Smart IDCA electronics option which provides front end signal processing such as A/D conversion and Camera Link video output. The Smart IDCA option allows system and instrument designers to build their system on a compact, high performance IR module without the need for complex, expensive integration.

Dan Manitakos, President of AIRS, noted; “The mini-Nyx-S 640 is an exciting advancement and addition to AIRS’ broad capabilities. Our SWIR solutions have been embraced by leaders in hyperspectral sensing. We expect the 640 format version will be rapidly incorporated into new systems. The mini-Nyx-S joins AIRS’ growing product lines that consists of large format and HD IRFPA based solutions spanning the SWIR, MWIR and LWIR spectrum”.

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