Aegis Announces New Line of KT&C Micro Video Cameras

By Caroline Rees / 14 Jan 2015
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Aegis KT&C Micro CameraAegis Electronic Group, Inc., a distributor and technical support provider of KT&C camera solutions, has announced the addition of KT&C’s line of IP, 960H and HD Mini Video Cameras to their product offerings, ideal for applications where size is a factor and a low price point is necessary.

These miniature cameras offer users break-through options in video surveillance technology and high-tech recording solutions, enabling the ability to see in small places, to record instantaneous occurrences, and to document happenings without human touch.

With their compact design, these low profile, high quality video recording cameras provide the ability to see in areas previously impossible to access. Miniature bullet video cameras allow applications like pipe inspection to take place, assisting inspectors with identifying potential or existing blockages thus minimizing pipe damage.

The KPC-E190NU series of mini bullet cameras offers multiple models and lens options to choose from: KPC-E190NUB (3.6 mm fixed pinhole lens), KPC-E190NUP1 (fixed 3.7mm conical pinhole lens), KPC-E190NUP3 (3.7mm flat pinhole lens), KPC-E190NUP4 (4.3mm super conical, pinhole lens), KPC-E190NUWX (3.6 mm lens, and the highest resolution CCTV bullet camera available) and the KPC-E190NUDV (disguised as a standard peephole with a 1.78mm Fish Eye lens).

When it comes to mini square cameras, KT&C adapts once more to multiple assignments by also offering a variety of lens selections: the KPC-E700NUB with a 3.6mm Board Lens, the KPC-E700NUP1 with 3.7mm Semi-Conical Pinhole Lens, the KPC-E700NUP3 with a 3.7mm Fixed Flat Pinhole Lens, and the KPC-E700NUP4 with a 4.3mm Super Conical Pinhole Lens. With their ultra-high resolution of 700 TV Lines, 1/3 960H SONY Super HAD (Hole accumulation diode) CCD (Charge Couple Device) II, and shutter speeds ranging between 1/60 – 1/100,000 sec, these ultra-small cameras (0.88 x 0.9 inch; 22.4 x 23 mm), deliver superior color pictures, and are ideal for those looking for higher resolution analog surveillance camera systems without the added cost of high definition.

Uses for KT&C’s mini square cameras expand to lightweight unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), i.e., drones, for digital surveillance due to their tiny, lightweight form factor. Using these remotely piloted aircrafts, flight is controlled either autonomously by onboard computers, or by remote control with a pilot on the ground or in another vehicle. While initially used by military and special operation applications, their uses have expanded to agriculture, sporting events, 3D mapping, movies and search and rescue.

The mini square cameras are also small enough to be incorporated into a hands-free, wearable camera system, enabling law enforcement or civilians alike to have admissible recordings of what transpires in any situation. These color micro-sized cameras possess large camera features, i.e., a 1/3” 960H Sony Super HAD (Hole-Accumulation Diode) CCD II (charge coupled device) imaging device (eliminating a grainy effect), a 2:1 interface and the ultra-high clarity of true 700TV Lines of Horizontal Resolution. At a scant 0.88 x 0.9 inches (23 x 22 mm), less than one inch in size, and weighing just 0.17 pounds (76g), these tiny cameras can be placed in numerous discrete locations.

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