Precision Hawk’s UAS Integral to Aerial Agricultural Artificial Intelligence System

By Caroline Rees / 08 May 2014
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Lancaster UAS

The Lancaster UAS

From pest management to water dispersal, data collected by unmanned systems are becoming invaluable assets for farmers. North-America based Precision Hawk, has developed the Lancaster UAS to meet growing demand from the agricultural market.

Precision Hawk’s customizable Lancaster UAS is just four feet wide, weighs three pounds and can carry payloads of up to two pounds. It can be outfitted with an array of different sensors to collect data which is then processed by a central ‘hub’.

“Precision Hawk provides an automated process that makes collecting and interpreting aerial data simple. The Lancaster platform does not come down until it confirms that there is an optimal level of image overlap to stitch an accurate mosaic together,” explains Precision Hawk’s Lia Reich. “The fact that our platform can achieve image resolution at sub 1 cm/pixel makes these mosaics even more valuable, especially in the agriculture market.”

The team have developed the Precision Mapper software platform to work in conjunction with the Lancaster UAS: “Our cloud technologies will allow anyone, regardless of prior aviation or photogrammetry experience, to collect and process the same quality of data that we could provide as a contract service,” Reich states. “One of the other ways we do this is by offering a complete command center that can be run from a company’s headquarters. Every UAV platform collecting data, at locations across the world, can be coordinated from one software dashboard.”

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